Jessie the MILF Made Me Jack Off!

Jessie is a family friend. Ever since I knew the purpose of my cock rising up, I’ve been jacking off to her.

This mom needs to fuck her son.

But I have to be honest about something: I have an extreme fantasy of her getting fucked silly by her 19-year-old son. It’s one of the honest fantasies I have, and it’s totally warranted. If you think that’s disgusting, I don’t give a fuck. The thought of two adults engaging in consensual incestuous sex is super hot to me.

I say my fantasy is totally warranted, because she’s so… protective of him, in a way that’s a little overbearing in regards to typical mom/son relationships. She’s always posting pictures of the both of them, and her chest is ALWAYS right up against him! In many pictures, the son has his hands on her legs, or he’s lifting her up with his hands on her thighs or on her ass. I have this huge fantasy scenario in my head where he fucks the shit out of her, creampies her or busts a monstrous nut all over her mommy face.

I’d love to be in his shoes.

If they aren’t fucking (they should be), then if I were him, I’d take the chance to sit her down in private and let it be known that I want to go to bed with her. I’d say, “Mom, you are so beautiful. I can’t help it. I know it’s weird and different, but I love you and I want to go to bed with you”. I profess those feelings and lay it on real thick.

I have a deep, deep feeling that she would acquiesce — based on the way she acts — and if me and you (the reader) were a fly on the wall, in a few moments we’d be witnessing a son’s hard cock ensconced tightly in his mother’s warm, wet, wholesome cunt.

I can’t help it. I want to watch them fuck. I just know, deep in my heart, she would fuck him if he asked her to.

Imagining Jessie cry out, “Fuck mommy!” while he drills her (in my fantasy) makes me so horny and cum so damn hard!

Also, as a butt man who loves to the natural, musky, feminine, pheromonal smell of a woman’s asshole, if I were him I’d have to bend her over and inhale the au naturale scent of her shithole before getting super hard from the pungence and drilling her pussy until I nut. Mmmmm.

I just jacked off and came super hard fantasizing about Jessie the MILF fucking her son.

Holly Sonders Made Me Cum

I like to watch and listen to “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1.

Yesterday, Holly Sonders was in Kristine Leahy’s seat. I remember hearing her name in the past, but I really didn’t/don’t know her, so I googled her. I ended up busting a nut to her. She’s from the golf channel… I don’t give a fuck about golf, so it’s no surprise I didn’t know her.

You can’t deny that she looks way older than 30…

But the hottest thing about the above picture is her nipple poking through. Oh my fuck. I would love to help her out of that dress and disappoint her for two minutes.

I want to eat her asshole out.

But when I first saw her on The Herd, I thought, “Damn! What a MILF!”

When I googled her… it says she was born in 1987. She’s 30. I thought that was a typo. Even though I think she’s attractive, she looks 10 years older than what she is. Because I’m 26 and she looks 15 years older than me (and I have some gray hair!). Nonetheless, she made my cum go ‘nanners.

I jacked off to Holly Sonders’ hot, old ass lookin’ self!

Banana’s Booty Made Me Nut

I just exploded to this whore from Reddit’s MONSTER ass.

Jacking off and fantasizing about how stinky it gets (it obviously gets stinky; girls with big butts will accrue more sweat in the perianal region and produce a surplus of pheromones emanating from their apocrine glands around the anus, mixing with sweat juices from their pussy, an inch away)…

I would love for her to facesit me after she’s not showered for over a day.

I jacked off to this hot babe today.

Fantasizing About My Girlfriend Fucking Black Guys Made Me Cum

It’s no secret between my girlfriend and I that we both want her to hop on top of a big, fat, black cock and fuck it.

See, even with past girlfriends, I’ve gotten off on the fantasy of watching them fuck other men. It’s just a hot fantasy. I think, for me, it’s just validation that, “Another man wants to fuck her; she’s hot and fuckable” and just watching her get destroyed by a bigger dick is enjoyable.

When I was with my first love, I’ll never forget when apparently somebody made a drawing of her receiving a gangbang. She acted like she was mad about it. In private… I jacked off thinking about her taking several cumshots to the face. She had a big, fat Portuguese ass that got really stinky and musky. Still the hottest girl I’ve ever been with. I digress.

I want to watch my current girlfriend be dominated by BBC. She wants it, too. The fantasy is fueled even more-so because she was raised in the deep south by super racist parents who ‘forbid’ her to date black men. Also, the first ever time she and I talked on the phone, she talked about how she didn’t believe in interracial mixing. I’ve been cumming to the fantasy of her being blacked ever since.

Even more-so… she now, whenever I finger her and suck on her nipples while she’s rubbing her clit, she’ll get off to big black cocks on Tumblr. That makes me so happy that she does that. So fucking happy. She was raised by racist parents who attempted to inflict racist views on her, yet here she is, masturbating to being dominated by BBC. I love that.

And that’s why I jacked off to this fantasy today.

Jennifer Lopez Made Me Jack Off

Jennifer Lopez is 22 years older than me, and I just jacked off and came everywhere to her.

I’m a veritable ass man, so it only makes sense that J’Lo made me explode.

I don’t give a fuck that she’s rapidly approaching 50. I’d still bend her over, sniff her asshole through the back of her tight, dark jeans, through the back of her stinky panties, and I’d certainly spread her big, fat Hispanic butt cheeks apart and smell her nasty shithole itself. I’d also love to lick, slurp and slobber all over it and deliver multiple creampies in her anus. That would be fun, and it would feel good. It would also be fun to think, “Heh, I nutted in J’Lo’s shithole. Yeah, she’s still Jenny from the block, and she’s still making me shoot seed from muh cock”.

I jacked off to Jennifer Lopez today.

Olivia’s Dick Sucking Lips

No explanation needed.

Imagining this babe’s plump cock sucking lips wrapped around my cock is enough to make my cock spit cum everywhere.

I jacked off to Olivia and her beautiful DSLs today.

My Best Friend’s Hot, Thick Girlfriend Made Me Blow a Load

I want to sniff her asshole.

This is my best friend’s girlfriend Briana. My best friend and I have been brothers since we were dropping deuces in diapers. We share everything with one another. He wants the three of us to have a threesome. I recently started talking to Briana.

My girlfriend would be furious if she found out, but truthfully, I would love to have a threesome with my little lady and Briana. It would be hot to be fucking Briana while she eats my girlfriend out, or to bust a night on Briana’s face and/or mouth and watch her and my girlfriend swap my cum back and forth.

Briana sent me the above picture and I had to jack off to her fat, white ass. I would love to bury my nose and tongue up in there, take in her scent, get super hard from the pheromones and beast-fuck her from behind.

I jacked off to Briana — my best friend’s hot, thick girlfriend — today.