My Best Friend’s Hot, Thick Girlfriend Made Me Blow a Load

I want to sniff her asshole.

This is my best friend’s girlfriend Briana. My best friend and I have been brothers since we were dropping deuces in diapers. We share everything with one another. He wants the three of us to have a threesome. I recently started talking to Briana.

My girlfriend would be furious if she found out, but truthfully, I would love to have a threesome with my little lady and Briana. It would be hot to be fucking Briana while she eats my girlfriend out, or to bust a night on Briana’s face and/or mouth and watch her and my girlfriend swap my cum back and forth.

Briana sent me the above picture and I had to jack off to her fat, white ass. I would love to bury my nose and tongue up in there, take in her scent, get super hard from the pheromones and beast-fuck her from behind.

I jacked off to Briana — my best friend’s hot, thick girlfriend — today.

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