Holly Sonders Made Me Cum

I like to watch and listen to “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1.

Yesterday, Holly Sonders was in Kristine Leahy’s seat. I remember hearing her name in the past, but I really didn’t/don’t know her, so I googled her. I ended up busting a nut to her. She’s from the golf channel… I don’t give a fuck about golf, so it’s no surprise I didn’t know her.

You can’t deny that she looks way older than 30…

But the hottest thing about the above picture is her nipple poking through. Oh my fuck. I would love to help her out of that dress and disappoint her for two minutes.

I want to eat her asshole out.

But when I first saw her on The Herd, I thought, “Damn! What a MILF!”

When I googled her… it says she was born in 1987. She’s 30. I thought that was a typo. Even though I think she’s attractive, she looks 10 years older than what she is. Because I’m 26 and she looks 15 years older than me (and I have some gray hair!). Nonetheless, she made my cum go ‘nanners.

I jacked off to Holly Sonders’ hot, old ass lookin’ self!

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