Monica the MILF Made Me Cum Buckets

So sexy!
She’s so proud to show off her titties! Look at that facial expression, too.
So thick. I’d love to have her naked and mine for a weekend.

Monica is a family friend. She lives on a farm, gets to eat farm fresh eggs, and she just made me cum.

I’ve always known her, but I never jacked off to her until today. She remarked to somebody that I was “handsome, and she’s not surprised my girlfriend is jealous/’possessive'”. Why thanks, Monica. I think you are a thick ass MILF and I’m not surprised you made me cum like a freight train this morning!

I want Monica to be my whore for a weekend so we can fuck like animals. I’d love to help those big titties out of that top and suck on ’em. She’d be a joy to bend over and plow. She looks so eager to show off those boobies in a seductive way.

I jacked off to Monica the MILF today.

I Busted a Nut to Beyonce

I was going through my formative years in the summer of 2003. Beyonce released “Crazy in Love” and it was game over. WWF/E divas like Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler are the women responsible for instigating my ass loving, ass sniffing fetish but Beyonce confirmed my love for the art of a woman’s derriere.

In that music video, she shakes her ass, especially in the beginning when she’s wearing those tight, blue jean shorts. I will forever hope that her asshole was super musky and stinky on the day that video was shot. I can only imagine taking a time machine back to that point in time and bending her over to smell her asshole through the back of those jean shorts. I hope it was musky.

Since then, particularly in 2013, she started showing her ass off even more, in thongs and other skanky material. No complaining here. I’ve always wanting to sniff, smell, inhale, kiss, lick, slobber all over, worship and FUCK her asshole. She’s a brown goddess and I’d love to fuck her.

I jacked off to Beyonce and her big ass today.

Jamie Made Me Jack Off

I wanted to fuck Jamie as soon as I met her. My girlfriend worked fast food with her. Seeing her big, round ass in those black jeans made me hard; I wanted to bend her over and sniff her musky asshole through the back of them. I know it had to stink. It was hot in that place.

Jamie is thick in all the right areas. I can’t get enough of her big ass, but most of all, I want her to strip naked, get on me and wrap those legs around me, and ride my cock until I cum.

I jacked off to Jamie today.